Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Laptop detector to detect Valueable Item Inside the car!~

A warning here.

Dear All, For sharing information purposes especially those who are using notebook, here is a sample device which detect notebook in a hidden place (i.e.: in a car). For those who have never heard of it, attached below are the pictures of the detector:

Even with the WIFI (wireless), Bluetooth or the entire notebook is completely off, it can still be detected via radio frequency. Therefore never leave your notebook, PDA (Personal Digital Assistance) , mobile phone or any valuable electronic devices in the car. These devices are not expensive, it costs less than RM50 for the thieves to start the "business".

ni emel ku dpt dr myworeh,mybe dah ramai yg dpt, xpe laaaa. pd yg blum dpt, bley bace n dpt info kn?? . saje je nk share info... haaaaaaa. so beringat ye kwn2... pd yg bwk laptop dan brg2 seangkatan dgn nye dlm kete tuh... JGN SEKALI-KALI TINGGAL !! berat pong,pikul jgkkkk.. sape suruh bwk kn?? baek pikul berat, dr ilang smuer.. kn?kn?kn??

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